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IEEE 802.3 25GBase-SR

25GBase-SR is a 25GbE interface for 25 Gigabit Ethernet. It is a fiber optic interface for duplex multimode fiber ofOM classes 3 and 4. The interface designation indicates that it is an interface for short wavelengths (S, Short). The 25GBase-SR is described in IEEE 802.3by.

Nomenclature for 25-GbE interfaces

Nomenclature for 25-GbE interfaces

25GBase-SR uses the optical window in the wavelength range at 850 nm. The light signals are generated by VCSEL lasers. The transmission takes place with a data rate of 25 Gbit/s. The bridgeable distance depends on the OM class of the multimode fiber and is 70 m for OM3 and 100 m for OM4. 25GBase-SR uses an LC connector as the fiber opt ic connector.

The optical 25GbE interface for short distances uses an SFP module (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) as transceivermodule.

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