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IEEE 802.3 25GBase-LR

Under 25 Gigabit Ethernet, there are several 25GbE interfaces for fiber optics, one of which is 25GBase-LR, which works with monomode fibers. It can be used to bridge long distances of up to 40 km.

The name 25GBase indicates that the interface supports a data rate of 25 Gbit/s (40G) and operates in baseband technology (base). The extension LR. Long Reach, indicates that the interface works with long wavelengths from 1,295 nm to 1,325 nm. The 25GBase-LR optical interface is designed for long distances; the SFP module is used with the optical transceiver.

The 25- GbE interface was standardized by the IEEE working group802.3cc.

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