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IEEE 802.3 100GBase-CR10

The Higher Speed Study Group(HSSG) has specified several 100GbE interfaces for fiber and copper cable for 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

Nomenclature of the 100 Gigabit interface

Nomenclature of the 100 Gigabit interface

According to the HSSG specifications, 100-Gigabit Ethernet can also be transmitted over distances of up to 10 m via the 100GBase-CR10 interface using a direct-connect cable consisting of a twinaxial cable. The suffix CR10 used in the designation stands for Copper (C), the "R" identifies the interface type with 64B66B coding and the number 10 states that ten parallel conductors are switched. 10 Gbit/s are transmitted via each of the ten copper conductors. The individual shielded cables within the twinaxial cable are called Balanced Shielded Cable. With the associated transceiver concept, ten transceivers would have to be switched, which makes the use of this variant questionable.

The 100GbE interface for twinaxial cable uses the CXP module as the transceivermodule.

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