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IEEE 802.15.1

The IEEE working group802.15.1 has developed the Bluetooth-based standard with the specifications for the MAC layer and the PHY layer. These specifications are a simplification of 802.11.

The technology developed by the IEEE 802.15.1 working group uses the ISM band at 2.4 GHz, the data rate is 732 kbit/s, and the bridgeable distance is 10 m. The specifications are compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 and are used in portable devices such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones, but also in consumer devices. The HomeRF Alliance and the Bluetooth Alliance are involved in this standard.

802.15.1 is also used as a wireless protocol in lighting control, among other applications. It is divided into several classes, which represent different transmission powers and thus different distances. Inclass 1, the maximum transmission power is 100 mW and the bridgeable distances reach up to 100 m, in class 2 at 2.5 mW up to approx. 10 m and class 3 at 1 mW up to approx. 1 m.

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