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IEC 61850

As an international standard, IEC 61850 forms the basis for the communication architecture between station automation equipment( SAS). IEC 61850, entitled "Communication Networks and Systems in Substations", defines the data transmission between the various field devices and protection devices and describes an open concept of communication mechanisms in control technology and station automation. It is used, among other things, in power supply automation.

IEC 61850 describes a general transmission protocol for protection and control technology in medium- and high- voltage electrical switchgear. The 61850 standard covers the specifications for switchgear, important functions of the devices, including for Intelligent Electronic Devices( IED) and network control technology, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition( SCADA), information exchange, an interface for primary data and a uniform configuration language.

The 61850 protocol uses TCP/ IP as the transport protocol and the Manufacturing Message Specification( MMS) for client- server communication. It is object-oriented and operates as a packet-oriented transmission protocol. There are several versions of 61850, with version 61850-7 used for communication in smart grids, smart metergateways( SMGW), and distributed energy resources( DER). 61850-8-1 is for peer-to-peer services and real-time transmission, and 61850-9-1 is for transmission of fast samples.

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