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IEC 60297

The IEC 60297 series of standards specifies the mechanical structure of printed circuit boards, subracks and racks

in 19" design in the various subdocuments.The IEC 60297 series of standards specifies the 19


mounting system as a standardized modular system. In this series of standards, the complete system is divided into several levels. For example, level 1 stands for components such as printed circuit boards, level 2 for subassemblies, level 3 for subracks and level 4 for racks for holding the subracks. This standard

is all about the mechanical structures, height, width and depth dimensions. Although the construction was originally defined as 19" and is specified as such, the dimensions for the plug-in boards and subracks are specified in the metric systemIEC 60297:

This standard forms the basic standard for the 19" construction.

The specification of 19" at 25.4 mm for one inch in

the metric system corresponds to 482.6 mmIEC 60297-1:

The standard 60297-1 deals with front panels and rack sizes. The sizes are to be considered inconjunction

with the cabinet dimensions and plug-in panels covered in the following standardIEC 60297-2:

This sub-document is concerned with cabinet dimensions, grid sizes for subracks, external trim for racks, doors and support elements. IEC 60297-3-101:

This subdocumentdescribes the dimensions for modular subracks and the PCBs that can be inserted into them.

IEC 60297-3-102:

Subdocument3-102 supplements the previous one with mechanical devices for extracting and inserting the PCBs.

IEC 60297-3-103: And the last subdocument specifies the coding devices, guide pins and guide rails.

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