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HTML tag

Tags are markup and formatting codes in markup languages. The HTML tags or HTML codes used in HTML are used for the layout of the websites and are used for typographic markup, font attributes, positioning and sizing of the graphical elements and insertion of symbols and lines.

HTML tags can therefore be divided by function into the groups of general HTML commands, tags for font attributes and font size, tags for text and sentence structure, for enumerations, references, sizing and positioning of graphics and photos, and for displaying areas and their colors.

HTML tags

HTML tags

The first-mentioned HTML tags of the general HTML commands include the start and end tags to identify the HTML page, others identify the title, the body text, and font attributes such as the font and font size, and typography such as the text alignment. In addition, there are HTML tags for bulleted lists, references, images and photos, and for colors and areas.

Some HTML tags are designated with H digits. For example, H1 is the HTML tag used to indicate the highest level of information on a page. In practice, page titles and headings are marked with H1 tags. To ensure that headings always appear in a particular font, color, and size, H tags can be associated with specific styles or formatting in a web page 's cascading style sheet( CSS). The HTML tag at the beginning of the formatting is enclosed in two brackets. The HTML tag that ends the formatting has a slash after the angle bracket: Text in Bold...

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