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HFBR connector (fiber optic)

HFBR connectors are FO connectors for plastic fibers, polymer fib ers( POF) and HCS fibers, Hard Clad Silica (HCS), thus for optical fibers whose core material or cladding material is plastic or which have a special plastic coating.

HFBR connectors are available in a large variety. For example, for polymer fibers with standard attenuation and low attenuation as well as for various HCS fibers. In addition, HFBR connectors can be selected according to their interlock, simplex and duplex designs, different diameters and the length of the optical fiber.

HFBR connectors are available for polymer fibers with a diameter of 1 mm and for HCS fibers of 200 µm. For polymer fibers, the connector selection also distinguishes between those with standard attenuation, which is 0.22 dB/m at 650 nm, and those with low attenuation, known as Extra Low Loss POF. The attenuation of these fibers is 0.19 dB/m. In contrast, the attenuation of the HCS fiber, Hard Clad Silica (HCS), is much lower at about 8 dB/km. The insertion loss of HFBR connectors is 1.0 dB.

HFBR 4531 according to HP standard, photo: Hütter

HFBR 4531 according to HP standard, photo: Hütter

The HFBR connector was specially developed for rugged use in industrial plants and factory automation. They can be used for board-to-board, rack-to-rack connections or proprietary local area networks. They are easy to install, relatively temperature resistant and can be used wherever polymer fibers offer advantages over glass fib ers, where heavy mechanical stresses due to twisting and vibration occur.

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