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HCF controlled channel access (WLAN) (HCCA)

HCF Controlled Channel Access (HCCA) is a further development of the Point Coordination Function( PCF) and is used in access points( AP) of WLANs.

MAC sublayer of 802.11e for quality of service

MAC sublayer of 802.11e for quality of service

The access point distributes the transmission right in polling mode.

During the HCCA period, the access point requests the individual stations to transmit one after the other. In this process, the stations are given clearance for a certain period of time and not only for the transmission of a single frame. Various transmission parameters such as latency, jitter, etc. can be queried via the HCCA signal frame.

A significant advantage of HCCA over the PCF method is that the implementation is mandatory in 802.11e.

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