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Grok is a powerful yet easy-to-use Zope 3-based web applications framework for Python developers. The target group of Grok are beginners as well as very experienced web developers. The focus of Grok is on agile software development

. The ideas for Grok go back to the Dutchman Faassen. His design convinced other core developers from the Zope community and made the developer community in the Grok environment grow rapidly.

Thedevelopment of Grok started at the end of 2006. By relying on Zope 3, one of the most powerful and professional application frameworks, it offers extremely mature and complex solutions. The Zope framework is popular among professional developers for its power and clean programming approach. However, it is difficult, especially for newcomers, to get used to the comprehensive and complex architecture of

Zope 3.At its core


isa simple Python package that provides a simplified programming interface

tothe major Python classes and components of the Zope 3 architecture. The simplification is mainly achieved by a more consistent implementation of the requirements "Don't Repeat Yourself" (DRY) and "Convention over Configuration

". No previous knowledge of Zope is required to work with Grok, but it is useful.

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