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Glixon code

A distinction is made between single-step and multi-step codes

. Single-step

codes are those in which a code word


by only



from the previous and subsequent code word.In the case of the Glixon code, only one bit ever changes

. TheHamming distance is 1. One-step codes include the Gray code

, Glixon code, Petherick code

, Tompkins code, and the O'Brien code.

Different One-Step

Different One-Step

CodesThe Glixon code is similar in structure to the Gray

code.The decimal 0 corresponds to the code word 0000, the decimal 1 to the code word 0001, the 2 to the bit combination 0011, as in the Gray code. Only at the decimal 9 do the two codes deviate from each other.

In the Gray code, the 9 corresponds to the bit combination 1101, in the Glixon code 1000. Both code words are single-step compared to the digit 8. From the digit 9 to 0 with the code word 0000, the Glixon code is also single-step.

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