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Galaxy connector

The discussion about further fibre optic connectors with compact design is directly related to the development of high-speed networks, such as ATM or Gigabit Ethernet. The duplex variants are to be comparable in dimensions to the RJ45 connector

. Two fiber optic connectors were introduced to the committees at an IEEE meeting in March 1997: 3M's Galaxy connector and the Mini-MT connector

supported by several companies. The Galaxy connector is a duplex connector characterized by being compatible in dimensions to the RJ45 connector and by the socket having a 45 degree angle to the plug. It also does not have a ferrule. The optical fibres are not fixed in the workplace cabling and are guided in a V-shaped groove, which is located in the socket, until they make exact surface contact with the connecting fibre. The Galaxy connector is equally suitable for multimode fibers and single mode fibers. To prevent the effects of dust, the socket has a dust protection cover that opens when the plug is inserted. The insertion loss is a maximum of 0.75 dB; typically 0.35 dB.

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