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GPS tracker

A GPS tracker is a battery-operated GPS receiving device consisting of a GPS module and a transmitter for mobile communications. It is a small, handy device that people carry with them or attached to objects, and with which the position is determined and transmitted to a receiver via mobile radio.

The difference between a GPS tracker and a GPS logger is that the data logger regularly stores position data on a memory card.

As for the GPS tracker, SIM cards can be inserted into the GPS trackers and the tracking positions can be transmitted to the central or monitoring office via the corresponding mobile network using the short message service( SMS). It is also possible to access the GPS tracker via the Internet. The accuracy of the position determination corresponds to that of the GPS system.

GPS tracker, photo:

GPS tracker, photo:

GPS trackers are used in personal monitoring, personal tracking and logistics. People monitoring can be limited to geographical areas by geofencing. Walkers equipped with a GPS tracker can report their position by pressing a button or, in emergencies, use an alarm button to notify the emergency call center.

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