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GPS logger

GPS loggers or track loggers are small, battery-powered devices that can be taken along on trips, tours, sports activities, and hikes, and that determine and store the geographic positions of routes.

Routes stored in this way can be downloaded to personalcomputers, notebooks, smartphones, or PDAs and used for post-hike editing or entered into Google Maps maps.

From the stored data, route profiles can be calculated with distance and altitude information, but also movement data and speeds.

GPS logger, photo:

GPS logger, photo:

A GPS logger determines the position of the user at regular intervals from the position signals of the GPS system or a GPS tracker and stores them together with the exact time. Such a data logger is battery operated, its battery life depends not least on how often the position data is acquired and stored. The memory size is such that track logs with 100,000 or more tracks can be recorded, which is sufficient for a vacation lasting several weeks if a position determination is made every ten seconds.

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