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GPS coordinate

GPS coordinates are used for locating and uniquely determining the position of goods, means of transport and living beings. GPS coordinates are given in numeric or alphanumeric form and indicate the exact geographical position on earth

. Navigation devices display the determined geographical coordinates as latitude and longitude. Latitudes are the distance from the equator in degrees. This forms the zero degree value. The north and south poles form the 90° value in northern (N) and southern (S) direction respectively. The reference of the degrees of longitude forms the zero meridian

and the coordinates refer to east (E) or west (W) direction.



GPS systems display the earth's coordinates in latitude and longitude. The display itself can be decimal according to the World Geodetic System (WGS), in degrees and decimal minutes or in degrees, minutes and seconds. Coordinates that refer to the southern hemisphere and/or lie west of the prime meridian are shown in decimal notation with a minus sign.

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