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GARP VLAN registration protocol (GVRP)

In local networks, the attributes of the end devices are reported to the layer 2 switches for registration. This is done by the GARP protocol, which is specified in IEEE 802.1ak.

The GVRP protocol (GARP VLAN Registration Protocol) represents an extension of the functionality of the Generic Attribute Registration Protocol (GARP) with regard to the dynamic assignment of VLAN end devices. It handles the dynamic registration of LAN end devices that are assigned to a VLAN. These report their VLAN attributes to the Layer 2 switch, which registers them and provides them with dedicated information for the corresponding VLAN.

Data frame of the GARP, GMRP and GVRP protocols.

Data frame of the GARP, GMRP and GVRP protocols.

The data frame of the GVRP protocol is the same as that of the GARP protocol with the difference that the protocol ID identifies the frame as a GVRP frame. Since the GVRP protocol is relatively slow, it has been superseded by the Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol( MVRP) specified in IEEE 802.1Q.

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