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FlashAir card

FlaishAir is an SD card developed by Toshiba that is equipped with an integrated WLAN, comparable to the Eye-Fi card. The FlashAir card is used in digital cameras that do not have WLAN and transfers the photos wirelessly via WLAN to tablets, smartphones or notebooks.

FlashAir cards are available as SDHC cards with storage capacities of up to 32 GB in speed classes 6 and 10, i.e. for 6 MB/s and 10 MB/s, respectively. The firmware of the FlashAir card is located on the SDHC card. As for the WLAN functions, this works according to IEEE 802.11b/g/n and supports WEP protocolencryption, TKIP, AES encryption with WiFi Protected Architecture WPA and WPA2.

FlashAir card: WLAN SDHC card with 32 GB, photo: Toshiba

FlashAir card: WLAN SDHC card with 32 GB, photo: Toshiba

The FlashAir card can be configured in a notebook's SD card slot. It forms a hotspot to which the computer can connect. The connection to the FlashAir card is made via its own Service Set Identification( SSID).

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