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Firefox OS

FirefoxOS is an open-source smartphone operating system from Mozilla Corp. and emerged in fall 2012 from the "Boot2Gecko" (also "Boot to Gecko" or" B2G") project, which was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2012.

The Firefox OS operating system is suitable for entry- level smartphones and tablets with pure touchscreen operation. Unlike other smartphone operating systems, Firefox OS only consists of a kernel, drivers and the web rendering engine Gecko, which is also used by the Firefox web browser. The Firefox OS software stack therefore requires significantly less memory than other smartphone operating systems; initially, the system only required 120 MB of memory.

Firefox OS and the apps for the operating system are based on open web standards such as HTML, Cascading Style Sheets( CSS) and JavaScript. A web API sits on top of the Linux kernel for the hardware functions to render the graphical elements, with the front end implemented in HTML5 and e3n Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The web API mediates between the inputs and outputs as well as the web applications and the hardware. The open system architecture allows network operators and hardware manufacturers to incorporate their own developments into their smartphones.

The Firefox OS mobile browser shows three tabs for the most frequently visited websites, bookmarks and history. The camera function allows focusing by finger movements as well as browsing through photos in a picture gallery, where crops can also be selected and the pictures can be edited with effects like sepia tint. Firefox OS also includes a marketplace where the user can get apps for the operating system.

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