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Fiber optic building distributor

The fiber optic building distributor(GF-GV) is a cabling component of the building cabling that is directly connected to the fiber optic termination point(GF- AP).

Fiber optic building distributor, Photo:

Fiber optic building distributor, Photo:

The fiber optic building distribution frame connects the floors and rooms of a building with fiber optics, which is routed to the fiber optic subscriber outlet(GF- TA) with the connected optical network termination( ONT). The risers originating from the fiber optic building distributor run in a star configuration and can either connect each individual fiber optic subscriber outlet (GF-TA) with fiber, or they connect the individual floors with fiber and are continued to the fiber optic subscriber outlets via the fiber optic collection points stationed there. In addition, depending on the size of the building, combinations of both cabling structures are conceivable.

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