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FX connector

The FX connector series from Hirose is a connector series that is used in industrial computers and in devices with PCI Express, such as the XTX module.

The individual connectors of the FX series differ in the type designation, there are FX3, FX5, FX6 or FX8, the contact spacing and thus the size, the number of contacts and the overall height. They are designed for SMT technology, are very compact, twist- proof and are characterized by high precision.

FX8 connectors from Hirose

FX8 connectors from Hirose

The number of contacts for the frequently used FX8 ranges from 60 to 140, stepped in increments of 20. The pitch is 0.6 mm, and the overall height is 3.4 mm.

The FX connector can transmit the high PCI Express data rate of 2.5 Gbit/s.

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