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F3000 connector

The F3000 connector is an optical fiber connector and belongs to the group of small, compact SFF connectors, Small Form Factor. It is compatible with the LC connector. It is standardized according to IEC 61 754-20.

The F3000 connector is a high- performance fiber optic connector for single- mode( SM) and multimode( MM) fibers that has an average insertion loss of only 0.15 dB (MM) and 0.2 dB (SM). It has a push-pull latch and is rated for up to 1,000 mating cycles. The F3000 connector is about half the size of the SC connector, allowing double the packing density. It can be combined with other F3000 connectors to form combinations of two or four FOC connectors. The F3000 connector has a 1.25 mm diameter ceramic or metal ferrule.

F3000 connector in single version and combined, photo:

F3000 connector in single version and combined, photo:

The F3000 connector is used in CATV, local area networks( LAN), measurement technology, medical technology, sensor technology and industrial applications.

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