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F connector

The F connector is an RF connector for coaxial cables, especially for high frequencies up to 5 GHz. It is mainly used in antenna systems and in television and satellite reception technology.

The F-connector is suitable in various designs for 75-ohm coaxial cables with diameters of 4 mm, 5.2 mm, 6.1 mm and 7 mm. The cable diameters for which the plugs are suitable are marked by rings on the outside of the F plug. The outer diameter of the RF connector is 9.2 mm. To achieve the highest possible RF tightness, the connector has a screw cap.

F connector, photo:

F connector, photo:

The F connector is used in antenna cables, in antenna technology, in cable distribution networks, on LNB converters, set-top boxes and cable modems. During assembly, thea antenna cable is stripped and the F-connector is screwed onto the wrapped foil shielding, the connector inner pin is the inner conductor of the coaxial cable. The F socket has a tubular inner contact into which the inner conductor is inserted.

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