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European network (EUnet)

The European Network (EUnet) was founded in 1982 and is the oldest pan-European wide area data network. The origin of EUnet can be traced back to the European Unix Systems User Group (EUUG, now EurOpen). Today, over 3,000 organizations in 26 European countries are connected via EUnet. There are a large number of connections to the Internet. EUnet provides gateways to the Internet and all other major networks( BITNET, EARN, NORDUnet, Usenet, etc.). Connections to EUnet are made using the Unix to Unix Copy Program( UUCP) and TCP/ IP communication protocols.

In 1995, EUnet, together with Xlink and MAZ, launched the international Internet node German Commercial Internet Exchange( DE-CIX), which is now one of the largest Internet accounts in the world. In 1997, EUnet was renamed the Unix to Unix Network (UUNET).

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