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European information and communications technology industries association (EICTA)

The full name of EICTA is: European Information, Communications and Consumer Electronics Industry Technology Association. EICTA is an umbrella organization with more than 30 national electronics associations from all over Europe and over 50 electronics companies as members.

EICTA members include all well-known IT companies, network technology companies and consumer electronics companies. The industry association EICTA changed its name to DIGITALEUROPE in 2009.

EICTA sees itself as a trade organisation for European digital technology. Among other things, it creates and awards certification labels for consumer devices. A well-known example is the HDTV label, which manufacturers use to identify products that meet certain requirements for the transmission and reception of HDTV.

The HDTV label is applied to all reception equipment that supports terrestrial, wired or satellite HDTV, such as set-top boxes, DVD players, TV sets, receivers, etc.

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