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Electronic health record

The electronic health record (eGA) is a personal insurance document in which medical patient data are entered. The insured person himself has access to this document via the Internet

and can determine the group of people who can view the document. Patient medical data and findings are stored in the electronic health record and are available to doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies after release

. The electronic health record isintended to speed up the retrieval


important patient documents so that physicians

can retrieve thedata promptly and from any location and use it for treatment or an intervention. It is intended to reduce the administrative burden on the insured, avoid duplication of treatment, simplify communication among the institutions involved, and eliminate the need for postal mailing of medical records and medical documents. A key aspect

is the communication between the family doctor and the specialist, which until now has been done either by telephone or via the insured person. In contrast to the electronic patient record (EHR), the electronic health record gives the insured person an overview of costs, they can list all contacts, document their personal health history and be supported in their appointment planning.

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