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The EEBus is a bus system used in smart grids for the exchange of information between smart meters and household appliances. It was conceived by the EEBus Initiative e.V. and supported by well-known electricity suppliers as well as companies and associations of the German and international energy and electricity industry.

The EEBus concept relies on existing open standards of communication technology, networks and existing communication devices. It is about the exchange of data between energy consumers, storage devices and generators, through which energy efficiency is to be increased. The EEBus concept encompasses the smart home with its networked building technology and smart metering, and electromobility with the charging stations for electric vehicles and the batteries that are integrated as energy storage devices.

The EEBus concept, in which the various consumer appliances, energy storage devices and the energy-generating photovoltaic systems communicate with each other, enables energy to be used more efficiently.

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