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EAP over LAN (EAPoL)

EAP over LAN (EAPoL) - EAPoL stands for Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN - is one of the preferred methods for deriving master keys( MK). With 802.1x there is a transport protocol with which the authentication is transmitted between the WLAN station and the authentication server( AS) of EAPoL.

With Extended Service Set Identification( ESSID), the WLAN station first observes the beacons or sends test requests to the WLAN. The station and the access point then authenticate each other using the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), which is how the actual authentication takes place.

The access point and the station negotiate and authenticate with each other until they are convinced that the other side is the correct one. Once this situation is reached, the access point sends an EAP success message.

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