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E-mail account

Generally speaking, an account is an account, and accordingly an e-mail account is an e-mail account. Interested parties can have such an e-mail account set up by an application service provider( APS). E-mail accounts can be free of charge or subject to a fee. In companies, institutes and universities, e-mail accounts are set up centrally by the administrator and are free of charge for employees.

An e-mail account includes access authorization to the Internet or another computer network, it includes the mailbox in which incoming e-mails are stored and these can be retrieved by the e-mail account holder. In addition, the service providers provide other interesting services in connection with the e-mail account. For example, free storage space of several gigabytes, the integration of larger attachments, high availability and dataprotection and data security through spam filters.

E-mail accounts can be used from anywhere, from the office, from home or on the road.

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