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E-2000 connector

The E-2000 connector is a development of Diamond SA, Switzerland, oriented to LAN and CATV applications. The user-friendliness is mainly underlined by a comprehensive coding system, which is color-coded and mechanically distinctive.

The E-2000 connector has a push-pull locking mechanism and can be used equally for single- mode fibers and multimode fibers with face coupling and helical coupling. In addition, it can be used as a single connector or in a duplex design and is twist- proof. Thus, it can be used with polarization maintaining fiber ( PMF).

The E-2000 connector can be supplied in different colors for clear identification in the application: For example, to identify the different data services. A built-in locking flap protects against contamination. It automatically opens inwards when plugged in and folds back in front of the ferrule when unplugged, protecting it against contamination.

E-2000 connector, photo: RDI cable

E-2000 connector, photo: RDI cable

The most important technical data such as insertion loss and return loss correspond to those of the SC connector or the DIN connector: typical values are 0.2 dB and max. 0.4 dB for insertion loss, respectively 40 dB(multimode fiber), 50 dB( single mode fiber) for return loss. This value increases to more than 70 dB for monomode fibers with helical- ground coupling, E-2000- APC.

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