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Dolby vision

Dolby Vision is a proprietary, licensable method for HDR video with high dynamic range, High Dynamic Range (HDR). It works according to the BT.2020 television standard and the DCI-P3 color space and has a resolution of 10 bits and 12 bits.

Dolby Vision, like HDR10+, is a dynamic HDR technology that improves TV images in their contrast levels and color representation. The two processes are in competition with each other.

A special feature of Dolby Vision is the dynamic metadata that is transmitted with every shot. The metadata specifies the color dynamic range and contrast range for each individual image scene. These values are used to modify the PQ correction curve in gradation so that the video image is rendered in the most colorful and contrasty representation.

The HDR recordings can be compressed at Dolby-Vision so that they meet the technical specifications of standard television( SDTV) and can be reproduced on screens and projectors in the standard dynamic range( SDR). The maximum image resolution corresponds to that of the 8K standard with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, at a bidlweider frequency of 120 Hz.

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