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Digital Disruption

Digital disruption means digital breakdown or digital disruption. It refers to business models that are negatively impacted by new digital technologies and lose revenue.

In digital disruption, classic business models, entrenched technologies and services are substituted by more efficient processes, faster deliveries, lower prices, easier handling or various other factors. The digitalmethods are characterized by time savings, personnel savings and higher revenues and are thus superior to existing processes.

Especially in the Internet age, there are many examples of digital disruption. For example, the direct delivery of products to the customer. Examples of this are online stores and e-retailing for which Amazon, Alibaba, Zalando stand or delivery services such as Lieferando or Lieferheld, etc. In tourism, rental portals have set up shop that offer vacationers low-cost overnight accommodations, such as Airbnb, or ride-sharing services like Uber.

The range includes many products and services and extends from television, which finds a digital complement in live streaming, to various graphics services, development offers, bartering, online advertising activities, recruitment, used and new car trading, real estate trading and much more.

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