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DVB multimedia home platform (DVB-MHP)

DigitalVideo Broadcast Multimedia Home Platform(DVB- MHP) is a Java platform for interactive television( ITV). DVB-MHP is a restricted version of the Java Virtual Machine( JVM), which has been extended with additional functions for digital TV.

The set-top box used in DVB-MHP technology receives HTML pages and Java applets and sends requests to the DVB server. The set-top box uses an extended broadcast profile to download interactive applications via broadcast. This includes Interactive Broadcast for bidirectional communication sent over an IP-based reverse channel to the server and Internet Access for processing Internet content.

DVB-MHP forms the basis for further standards. For example, for DVB- GEM, Globally Executable MHP (GEM), on which in turn the Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP) and the Advanced Common Application Platform( ACAP) are based, as well as ARIB from the Association of Radio Industries and Business.

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