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DVB IP datacast (DVB-IPDC)

DVB with IP Datacast (DVB-IPDC) is a standardized DVB service that specifies the harmonization of IP datacast services via DVB-H, Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB), Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS) and UMTS

. Thanks to DVB-IPDC, broadcasters only have to prepare their TV signals for mobile TV once, regardless of the transmission technology

used. DVB-H and Digital Audio Broadcast use the same transmission formats and protocols.The IPDC standard is based on the German DXB project


whichachieves a high degree of harmonization with DVB-H. The IPDC standard uses

the Enhanced Streaming Protocol (Enhanced Streaming Protocol).This technology uses the Enhanced StreamingMode (ESM) from T-DMB and the MPE-FEC ( Multiprotocol EncapsulationForward Error Correction) from DVB-H. DVB-IPDC


in the VHF band III in the frequency range between 174 MHz and 230 MHz and can be used nationwide, whereas DVB-H is better suited for metropolitan areas.

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