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DTX form factor

Motherboards with DTX form factor were developed by AMD especially for consumer electronics. This involves small, low- power systems for home theater PCs, receivers for digital TV, game consoles and personalvideorecorders( PVR).

The DTX motherboard is designed to dissipate heat as quietly as possible. Therefore, the fan for the processor is surrounded by a foam insert at the top edge, which is tightly sealed with the case lid. This allows the processor heat to dissipate directly through the slots in the case lid. There are also air vents above the power supply for air extraction and supply.

Motherboard in DTX format, photo:

Motherboard in DTX format, photo:

DTX motherboards come in two versions as Full-DTX and Mini-DTX. Full-DTX boards have dimensions of 203 mm x 244 mm, Mini-DTX of 203 mm x 170 mm. The DTX board is designed for a processor power of 65 W, the smaller Mini-DTX for 35 W. The DTX form factor is backwards compatible with chassis with ATX form factor.

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