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DNA authentication

In addition to the many well-known authentication techniques for persons, objects, programs and networks, there is another application for the authentication ofchips and other electronic components. It involves making chips and other electronic components tamper- proof.

This activity, initiated by the U.S. Defense, Department of Defense( DoD), is causally related to the fact that the lines between civilian and military use of chips are increasingly overlapping and that the agency has found that the use of counterfeit components has increased. The program, initiated by the U.S. Department of Defense, relies on DNA tagging as a marking and labeling technology to prevent the counterfeiting of components. Such marking can be based on substances from plant-based raw materials and applied visibly or invisibly to tiny areas on the package or wafer.

Test series have shown that the error rate is '10^12' and are tamper-proof. In contrast, other authentication methods such as complex labels or special codes can be counterfeited.

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