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DIN measurement bus

The DIN measuring bus is designed as a communication interface for simple measuring and testing devices with low computing power. It is particularly suitable for process automation, supply and disposal technology, environmental measurement technology and for communication tasks in measurement technology and quality assurance.

The DIN measuring bus is also used in legal-for-trade systems such as tank farms, weighing equipment and flow measurement systems. It is standardized according to DIN 66348 and is characterized by its high safety against bus failure and transmission errors. It also offers simple, cost-effective connections. The length of the DIN measuring bus, on which the data is transmitted as ASCII characters in data packets of 128 bytes, is 500 m. The bus is connected to the master- slave operation. Up to 32 stations can be connected to the field bus, which operates in master-slave mode.

The DIN measuring bus is easy to manage and supports various functions of the Manufacturing Message Specifications( MMS), some of which are mandatory services, while others are optional.

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