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DIN connector

The designation DIN connector conceals two different connectors for optical and electrically conductive transmission media.

  1. According to DIN 47256 (CECC 86135, IEC 60874-6), a DIN connector is a standardized FO connector for optical fibers. It is suitable for single- mode fibers and multimode fibers. The DIN connector, which is also referred to as an LSA connector, has a screw locking mechanism without anti- rotation protection.
    DIN connector for gradient fibers, photo: Huber + Suhner

    DIN connector for gradient fibers, photo: Huber + Suhner

    The DIN connector has a very long ceramic or metallic ferrule over 10 mm long and 2.5 mm in diameter. It can be used for optical fiber couplings with physical contact( PC) or with APC (Angle Polished Convex) grinding. The ferrule hole has a diameter of 126 µm. Typical values for insertion loss are 0.15 dB, return loss for single mode fibers with lens coupling is 50 dB, and 40 dB for multimode fibers. With helical coupling, the return loss of the single-mode fiber increases to 70 dB. The high-quality FO connector is used primarily by public network operators. Comprehensive installation guidelines are available for this FO connector, which are also used as a basis for installing other FO connectors.
  2. Under the designation DIN plug, also known as diode plug, there is also an electrically conductive plug for the connection of computer peripherals.
    Pinout of DIN connector in AV devices and components

    Pinout of DIN connector in AV devices and components

    It is standardized according to DIN 41524 and was used in computer technology for connecting keyboards and mice. In addition, it was formerly used in AV technology for the connection of record players, audio equipment, tape recorders, microphones and headphones. The DIN plug is available in a wide variety of versions with two to eight pins and with different pin arrangements. The mini-DIN plug is a miniaturized version of the DIN plug. The Mini-DIN connector is used in AV technology and on the PS/2 interface, among other applications.
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