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DIN 44300

DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, drew up various standards for information processing and for local area networks( LAN) as early as the 1980s. The terms defined under DIN 44300 took into account the growing importance of information processing at that time.

DIN 44300 was directly related to the international standards of ISO 2382 and was superseded by them. DIN 44300 dealt with the terminology of information processing and was divided into a total of 9 chapters due to its scope with over 300 terms and for the sake of clarity.

  • Part 1: Terms, general terms
  • Part 2: Terms, information representation
  • Part 3: Terms, Data Structures
  • Part 4: Terms, Programming
  • Part 5: Terms, Structure of Digital Computing Systems
  • Part 6: Terms, Storage
  • Part 7: Terms, Times
  • Part 8: Terms, processing functions
  • Part 9: Terms, processing sequences

The other standards from the DIN 44300 series dealt with terms of information theory (DIN 44301), data transmission (DIN 44302) as well as telegraph technology and telegraph terminal equipment for data transmission (DIN 44330) and switching technology (DIN 44331).

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