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DIN 1319

InDIN 1319, the Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (German Institute for Standardization). (DIN) deals with measurement technology, its fundamentals and basic terms. The standard DIN 1319 originates from the forties and was subdivided in the sixties into the four standard parts DIN 1319-1, DIN 1319-2, DIN 1319-3 and DIN 1319-4 and corresponds to the European standard EN 13005.

DIN 1319-1 deals with the basic concepts of metrology. It defines terms such as measurand, measured object, measurement result, measurement uncertainty and accuracy class. The currently valid version dates from 1995.

DIN 1319-2 deals with measuring equipment and its application. It deals with measuring instruments and how they are used metrologically. The currently valid version of standard part 2 dates from 2005.

DIN 1319-3 deals with the determination of measured values, the evaluation of measurements, the determination of measuring instruments and the determination of the measurand and the measurement uncertainty. The currently valid version dates from 1996.

DIN 1319-4 also deals with the evaluation of measurements and measurement results and with measurement uncertainty. This standard of 4 can be used in more general cases than DIN 1319-3. The currently valid version dates from 1999.

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