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COM-HPC module (COM-HPC)

The COM-HPC module is a high-performance module that supports broadband computing for the 5G mobile communications standard, the Internet of Things

(IoT) or other data-intensive applications. The development of COM-HPC and a new, high-performance bus system became necessary because the interboard bus of COM-Express cannot transmit the high data rates

in 5G. Theperformance specifications of the COM-HPC module are within all COM-Express specifications.

COM-HPC is available in two performance classes as a server version and a client version. The server version supports data rates of more than 32 Gbit/s and offers up to 64 PCIe lanes routed to the carrier board. This also allows high-performance general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPU) to be connected for machine learning. Because edge computing requires more connections and more DIMM modules, COM-HPC provides eight contact strips for DIMM memory and 800 pins

to the carrier board.

COM-HPC Formats for Embedded Computing Clients and Servers

COM-HPC Formats for Embedded Computing Clients and Servers

COM-HPC modules are available for embedded computing servers and clients in five different form factors. The server modules have a standard width of 160 mm and are available in lengths of 160 mm and 200 mm, while the client modules have a standard width of 120 mm. They are available in sizes of 95 mm, 120 mm and 160 mm.

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