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COM-HPC module (COM-HPC)

The COM- HPC module is a high- performance module that supports broadband computing for the 5G mobile communications standard, the Internet of Things( IoT) or other data-intensive applications.

The standardization of COM-HPC and a new, high-performance bus system became necessary because the interboard bus of COM-Express cannot transmit the high data rates in 5G.

COM-HPC is available in two performance classes as a server version and a client version. The server version supports data rates of more than 32 Gbit/s and offers up to 64 PCIe lanes routed to the carrier board. This also allows high-performance general purpose graphics processing units( GPGPU) to be connected for machine learning. Because edge computing requires more connections and more DIMM modules, COM-HPC provides eight contact strips for DIMM memory and 800 pins to the carrier board.

COM-HPC formats for embedded computing clients and servers

COM-HPC formats for embedded computing clients and servers

COM-HPC modules are available for embedded computing servers and clients in five different module sizes, labeled Size A through Size E. The server modules are aimed at use in headless embedded servers with high computing power, large memory capacity and many interfaces. The COM-HPC modules have a standard width of 160 mm and are available in lengths of 160 mm and 200 mm. The client modules have a standard width of 120 mm. They are available in sizes of 95 mm, 120 mm and 160 mm. They are used in autonomous vehicles, mobile radio base stations and in field devices.

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