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CMOL managed objects

Working groups have been formed within the 802 body to standardize the object definitions used with CMOL( CMIP Over Logical Link).This allows CMOL to be used much more quickly and securely.

The object definitions are based on the Guidelines for the Definitions of Managed Objects ( GDMO) of the International Standards Organization( ISO), which describe how to create consistent OSI managementobjects. All definitions are of course written down in Abstract SyntaxNotation One( ASN.1), the OSI description language for abstract objects in transfer environments. The definition by the IEEE committees avoids the "uncontrolled growth" of private object definitions.

The abstract CMIP/CMOL objects can be incarnated any number of times, while SNMP descriptions are only needed once each. The granularity of CMIP/CMOL objects is higher; for example, a Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP) agent can read a single address from the routing table from a router and send it to the network management station.

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