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Brew MP

Brew MP (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless Mobile Platform) is an open smartphone operating system from San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc. Brew MP was launched in 2010, end devices for Brew MP are cell phones for quick messaging or smartphones. The features of Brew MP support touch screens, multimedia functions and window management with a cell phone.

Brew MP can be extended for open platforms. A software development kit( SDK) for OEM manufacturers and independent developers enables the creation of native applications(apps), widgets or custom user interfaces for cell phones or other mobile devices. Because the operating system also supports Adobe Flash, Flash developers can write mobile applications, content, and Web services for cell phones.

Included in the SDK's feature set are a customizable simulator and a one- click toolbar for writing, testing, and debugging with Visual Studio and Eclipse. Developers can access the ASIC hardware directly through the application programming interfaces( API). The limitations of the first versions of the SDK to only one platform for development and simulation have been resolved. The Brew MP Multiplatform SDK has an architecture to separate tools from the platform, allowing dynamic switching between multiple installed platforms.

Qualcomm's Brew MP smartphone operating system

Qualcomm's Brew MP smartphone operating system

The Brew Delivery System allows independent developers to post apps to mobile operators, who can price the apps and bill the originator.

According to the manufacturer, Brew MP is backward compatible with older Brew versions and the applications developed for them. The original Brew platform for wireless applications includes reference implementations for device-specific solutions such as drivers or user interface. Native applications are supported by the C++C++and Adobe Flash programming languages. Brew is integrated into Flash memory and RAM, creating a software link between the basic functions of a terminal device and third-party applications. Brew MP and earlier versions of the Brew client support Java, Flash and Android, plus smartphones running Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile, PalmOS and Symbian operating systems.

Brew competes with the JAVA platform Java 2 Micro Edition( J2ME).

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