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Bluetooth profile

Bluetooth profiles determine the interface between application and hardware. They describe the application area and ensure the functionality of the various applications. This concerns the behavior, message formats and use cases for the minimum requirements for application-typical scenarios. Since Bluetooth supports completely different applications, there are naturally also many Bluetooth profiles.

In order not to increase the complexity of the devices unnecessarily, Bluetooth devices only need to support some general profiles, such as the Generic Access Profile( GAP), Service Discovery Application Profile( SDAP) and Serial Port Profile( SPP) as well as the profiles for their own application.

Communication between Bluetooth devices

In order to ensure communication between the various Bluetooth devices, the systems exchange their Bluetooth profiles after the connection is established and thus determine which services they can provide for the respective other partner and which data and commands they require for this purpose.

Bluetooth profiles and protocol stack

Bluetooth profiles and protocol stack

The various Bluetooth profiles contain communication protocols and communication services with the corresponding rule sets. The user can use these profiles, which are standardized by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group( BSIG), to coordinate the end devices.

Bluetooth profiles

Bluetooth profiles

The many Bluetooth profiles can be classified in terms of interfaces to public networks, services and application. The Common ISDN Access Profile( CIP) with the Common Application Programming Interface ( CAPI) for ISDN, the Dial-Up Networking Profile( DUNP) for modem connections or the Cordless Telephone Profile( CTP) for the analogtelephone network belong to the former group.

The services of the Bluetooth profiles

The Bluetooth profiles define services such as the Generic Access Profile (GAP) for the connection, the Service Discovery Application Profile (SDAP) for the service query, the Generic Object Exchange Profile( GOEP) for the object exchange, the File Transfer Profile( FTP) for the file transfer or the Synchronization Profile ( SP) for the file synchronization.

And as far as applications are concerned, there are various profiles for wireless stereo connections, the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile( A2DP), the Headset Profile( HSP) for wireless headsets, the Basic Printing Profile( BPP) for printing, the Human Interface Device Profile( HID) for input via wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, or the Hands Free Profile ( HFP) for hands-free talking. In addition, the Car Working Group of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BSIG) is involved in defining automotive-specific applications, for which it creates Bluetooth profiles.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BSIG) has also standardized a Bluetooth profile in the area of wireless transmission of medical data: the Bluetooth Health Device Profile( HDP). In addition, for industrial applications with Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE), there are the GATT profiles for the transmission of sensor data.

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