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Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 is the further development of Bluetooth 4.0 and is characterized by a quadrupling of the range with low-energy transmission, a doubling of the data rate and a large number of new features for location-based services.

In terms of numbers, the range of Bluetooth 5 is increased to about 40 m indoors and to about 200 m outdoors. In terms of data rate, the Basic Rate is 723 kbit/s, the Enhanced Data Rate is 2.1 Mbit/s, and the High Speed Data Rate is 54 Mbit/s. Another improvement is the much higher transmission capacity for broadcast messages. In this mode, the amount of data transmitted has been increased from 31 bytes per data packet to 279 bytes.

Like the previous version, Bluetooth 5 supports Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE) in which only simple data packets can be transmitted; for example, those from computer watches, from smart bracelets or from sensors in the Internet of Things( IoT). In addition, Bluetooth 5 supports beacons, which are small radio transmitters that can be placed in a room and increase the accuracy with which a single Bluetooth device can be precisely located within a room. Beacon technology is suitable for tracking people and products, retargeting offers, and location-based services such as locating products of interest in a store or exhibits in exhibitions.

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