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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is an aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) method that does not conform to search engine operator guidelines and is based on a short-term search engine optimization strategy. The guideline-compliant strategy is called white hat SEO.

The riskier black hat method uses paid text links linked to one's landing page. In addition, spam practices are used. These include cloaking with the pretense of fake websites, keyword stuffing, in which websites are stuffed with keywords, keyword-optimizeddoorway pages, the use of link spamming and the use of link farms. Optimizations according to the black hat method disregard the guidelines of the search engine operators and subordinate many things to short-term success. The goal is to appear on the front pages of the search indexes with as little effort as possible.

If search engine manufacturers discover illegal practices, the corresponding websites are ranked lower in the search indexing and banned from the search engine index in the case of extreme offenses.

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