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BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer network through which large files are transferred in a distributed manner. Like Kazaa, with which BitTorrent is comparable, all computers connected in the BitTorrent network are connected to each other. BitTorrent, which can be translated as Bit Avalanche, is a collaborative file sharing protocol for file sharing of large files.

With BitTorrent, the required transfer bandwidth can be reduced at the highest transfer rates because the file transfer is done simultaneously from many computers, reducing the average bandwidth of each system used. It also reduces the server load.

Function of the BitTorrent protocol

Function of the BitTorrent protocol

When downloading larger files, such as videos, the protocol locates all computers in the BitTorrent network on which the file is stored and starts downloading from multiple computers simultaneously. In the process, each computer transfers a different part of the file, which BitTorrent combines into the total file. Since the download data rates offered by providers are generally much higher than the upload data rates, large amounts of data can be transferred at much higher transfer speeds.

BitTorrent requires a corresponding client, which is a software program that can be used to access the BitTorrent network. The client program searches the network for the corresponding files to be downloaded.

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