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Bellman Ford algorithm

The Bellman-Ford algorithm is a distance vector algorithm named after its developers, which is used in Distance VectorRouting Protocols such as the Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Interdomain Routing Protocol (IDRP) or in the Internetwork Packet Exchange

Protocol (IPX). Routers using the Bellman-Ford algorithm must maintain their routing tables

, whichshows the distance and shortest link

fromall network nodes. The algorithm

uses distributed computation for path selection determination. In this process, each router sends its complete routing table to all other routers when a change is noticed and/or at intervals. The number of entries in the routing table corresponds to those of all nodes in the network. The entries reveal the immediate neighboring nodes, as well as the distance to all network n odes or the transmission time required by a data packet for a given connection. The parameters for the determination are the number of hops, the latency times, etc.

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