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Auro 3D

Auro 3D is a 3D sound system comparable to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. In contrast to these, the Auro 3D system works with three sound levels: one at seat level, another at head level and a third at overhead level. The sound planes are created by loudspeaker boxes and ceiling speakers.

The Auro-3D system is designated 11.1 in the nomenclature, and a smaller one is designated 9.1. The configuration is not apparent from the nomenclature. The system consists of six ceiling speakers, one of which is designated Voice of God (VoG). In terms of the seating level, it is a 5.1 system consisting of a center speaker and a total of four side-mounted speakers plus the woofer.

The technical concept of Auro 3D works channel-oriented and not like the other two systems, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, with audio objects. Via an upmixer, older sound recordings can be mixed in monophony or stereophony, so that they can also be played back by the multi-channel system. Auro 3D can be embedded in Digital Theatre Sound (DTS) containers and is used in Ultra HD Blu-Ray and in AV receivers.

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