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AppleTalk filing protocol (AFP)

The AFP protocol is an Appleclient- server protocol that supports File Services for the Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS operating systems and access to workstations running different operating systems.

The AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) resides in the presentation layer and application layer of the AppleTalk protocol stack. Through the AFP protocol, workstations can use application programs and data files from the AppleSharefile server. For inter- system communication, the AFP protocol uses TCP/ IP. It provides the user with an environment where he can process files from other computers or servers as if they were local to his own computer. The only difference is that the user must first connect to the server.

The AppleTalk Filing Protocol is one of several supported file services that include Server Message Block( SMB), the Network File System( NFS) and the FTP protocol. It supports Unicodefilenames, POSIX, and access lists, among other things.

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